Howdy! We are Julia and Bryon, two travel junkies from mane to toe.

Always on the lookout for new adventures, we've been traveling all over Europe in our van for years or exploring the USA off the beaten track. But sometimes the next goosebump moment is right on our own doorstep.

But whether alone in Norway in a snowstorm, with friends in Greece on the beach or with the family at home in Germany at the nearest quarry pond - camping is the passion that weaves all the threads together into a rope. But what is it that triggers this fascination in us? The freedom? The simplicity? The harmony with nature?

We come to the conclusion that for us it is clearly the opportunity for self-determination that presents us with new little challenges every day. Every day we have to find our way around in a new environment and solve everyday problems that we wouldn't even waste the slightest thought on at home. How do we wash our dishes without running water? How do we manage to cook outside when the wind is blowing around our ears? It is precisely this mastery and creative solution to small and large problems that releases happiness hormones in people and gives us the feeling that we are up to all the challenges of the world.

It is exactly this feeling that we would like to carry out into the world and also give you on your way to an unforgettable road trip.

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